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Electronic Invoicing | Electronic Orders

CloudTrade from LAKE provides a non-disruptive way to post electronic invoices, orders and other business documents, directly into your business system.

CloudTrade's patented technology doesn't just read, it comprehends your documents and automates your business process.

  • More paper removed, in less time than any other approach
  • 100% accuracy extracting data from documents such as PDFs without OCR
  • Out-of-the-box integration with Proactis P2P, SunSystems, and SAP Business One

Electronic Invoicing

CloudTrade is a non-disruptive way for suppliers to send electronic invoices.

  1. PDF
    You simply ask your suppliers to email PDF invoices (most will be doing this already!)
  2. Process
    CloudTrade maps and validates the data layer embedded within the PDF invoice using its patented rules engine and transforms it into a standardised e-Invoice layout
  3. Post
    The validated e-Invoice is received straight into your Accounts Payable process in Proactis P2P, SunSystems or SAP Business One only two to three minutes after the supplier originally hit send

Any suppliers that sends PDF invoices by email can join the e-Invoice revolution.

  • No Technical Change
    No need to ask your suppliers to change their systems to send EDI or XML
  • No Process Change
    No need for your suppliers to log onto a portal to submit their invoice
  • No Supplier Charges
    Zero cost to the supplier
  • High supplier adoption
    Typically >90%
  • Fast e-Invoicing adoption
    Suppliers up and running in time for their next invoice

Touchless Order Processing

CloudTrade provides an easy way for customer orders to be received straight into your sales process in SAP Business One, Proactis P2P or SunSystems, removing the need for labour intensive and error prone manual entry.

When a customer's purchase-to-pay system generates a PDF order, information such as supplier, order number, item details, and quantity are embedded in the PDF. CloudTrade's patented technology reads, maps and validates this data and converts it into a standardised order layout before presenting it to your sales order processing system.

Any customer sending PDF orders by email can become an integrated eCommerce business partner.

  • Touchless order processing
    No manual data entry. No omissions. No errors. No delays.
  • Non-disruptive electronic trading
    No need to ask your customers to change systems or infrastructure to trade electronically.
  • Reduces pressure on fulfilment and delivery SLAs
    Orders registered in your system and ready for fulfilment within seconds of the customer hitting send.

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