Coronavirus COVID-19 FAQs

1. Does LAKE have a Business Continuity Plan?

Yes. LAKE had a Business Continuity Plan in place long before this crisis. This plan covers a range of events and situations that have the potential to disrupt our business and/or affect our employees, customers, suppliers, office locations, etc. Our early actions were very strongly guided by the plan, and this led to the creation a cross-functional team which has been tasked with overseeing our COVID-19 response. The team talks daily and meets weekly (or more often if events require) to ensure the health and safety of our employees and to monitor and respond to any potential impact to our business.

2. Will LAKE services be impacted?

We are pleased to report that we have experienced no disruption to date and looking out into the future we do not expect any significant disruption of our services. As part of our response, we have made sure that all our customer-facing staff are set up to work remotely with access to conferencing and collaboration platforms and secure access to systems and data as required to carry out their duties just as effectively as ever.

3. Do you anticipate any disruption to LAKE Support service levels?

Little has changed in relation to LAKE Support. This service has always been delivered remotely and our support team has all the remote working tools and skills needed to deliver the highest quality service to our customers. We are keeping risks under review, but we see no reason why this service will be disrupted in the future.

4. Will LAKE consultants provide on-site services to customers?

No. Our first priority is to keep our employees, customers and their families safe and healthy. We have therefore restricted all employee travel. These travel restrictions will remain in force for the foreseeable future and it is not helpful currently to speculate when this might change.

All members of our consulting team are equipped with computing equipment and conferencing and collaboration tools that allow them work just as effectively remotely as they would do on-site and we have received a great deal of positive customer feedback on the success of this approach.

5. Will the LAKE Cloud service be disrupted?

LAKE Cloud is the innovative cloud-based service which gives customers access to SunSystems and Proactis from anywhere and frees them from the challenges and costs of managing IT infrastructure. The service is provided by our partner Nasstar plc, who are "..committed to ensuring the continuity of our services to support you during this challenging time." Please speak to your Account Manager or visit to learn more about Nasstar plc’s response to the crisis.

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