LAKE preparation for the potential impact of Coronavirus COVID-19

The Senior Management Team at LAKE is aware of the potential impact of the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on customers, partners, and co-workers.

We are working diligently to reduce the risk to everyone involved, and to ensure that all our customer-facing services including Account Management, Consulting, Support, and Administration are able to continue with the lowest possible risk of interruption.

It is reassuring to note that all the above customer-facing services are supported by cloud-based processes and applications that are available from anywhere to authorised members of the LAKE team, all of whom have access to laptop computing and mobile devices to facilitate home working.

At the time of writing there is no imminent risk of significant disruption to LAKE services, but if the situation worsens and difficult choices have to be made due to illness or other impacts of the pandemic, resources will be re-distributed as required to maintain essential customer-facing Support and Administration services first and foremost. This means services most at risk are short episodes of ad-hoc consulting work, followed by longer term project work. Where such work needs to be postponed or cancelled to protect essential customer-facing Support services, we will of course give customers as much notice as possible.

All LAKE responses and activities are being guided by the Senior Management Team who are keeping the situation under daily review and adapting advice and guidance for customers, and instructions to staff as the situation develops.

I hope the above information is clear and helpful at this stage. Please get in touch with your LAKE Account Manager if you are concerned about the impact of this on your business or if you have any questions at all about your own technical preparations.

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