LAKE response to the impact of Coronavirus COVID-19

The Senior Management Team at LAKE has taken prompt and decisive action to manage and limit the impact of the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on customers, partners, and co-workers.

This has been made easier because all our customer-facing services are supported by cloud-based applications and conferencing and collaboration platforms that are available from anywhere to authorised members of the LAKE team and our customers. As a result, our customers have continued to enjoy first class customer support and the full range of project management and consulting and training services needed to deliver successful projects. Here are a couple of examples of the sort of positive feedback we’re getting:

"Thanks so much Richard. The remote work you did has enabled us to get daily impact reporting to the National Emergencies Trust at touch of a button – huge thanks."

"Your guys are doing a great job working from home. Please say Thanks to them."

All LAKE responses and activities are being guided by the Senior Management Team who are keeping the situation under daily review and adapting advice and guidance for customers, and instructions to staff as the situation develops.

I hope the above information is clear and helpful at this stage. Please get in touch with your LAKE Account Manager if you think we may be able to help at all.

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