LAKE Solutions for Finance, Banking, Investments & Insurance

Brokers & Traders

The role of Finance is evolving. Executives are looking to Finance to provide greater decision support and performance management. In too many cases, however, finance systems struggle to produce basic reports - much less compelling analysis. Many Finance teams spend more time than they would like wrestling with spreadsheets and reacting to queries. There is precious little time left to contribute to issues of performance management and direction.

The LAKE SunSystems solution will release you from the routine cycle of accounting and reporting and help you take a much more active role in the management of overall business performance.

"SunSystems provides strong currency management, user friendly software, dynamic reporting; dynamic linkage to Excel, and all at a sensible price." Vantage Capital Markets

Reporting & Analysis

Automate the publication of reports in any number of formats in minutes rather than days or weeks. Create reports in any currency across multiple companies with drill down to data by Product, Contract, Region, Division, Person etc.


Manage the International aspects of your business with the unrivalled power and simplicity of SunSystems multi-currency features. Post transactions in any currency using daily or period rates and at period-end revalue foreign exchange books at the click of a button.

Multi-Company & Consolidation

Maintain unlimited companies, each with their own base and reporting currency. Consolidate data from these companies with the minimum of fuss. Allocate costs across multiple companies and manage inter-company postings quickly and easily.