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In a sector where competitive pressure is fierce and change is the only constant, most Finance teams spend more time than they would like wrestling with spreadsheets and reacting to queries. There is precious little time left to contribute to issues of performance management and direction.

LAKE Financial Systems is in the business of helping Finance teams manage, understand and improve the financial management of their organisations.

LAKE solutions release you from the stress and hassle of spreadsheet forecasting and the routine cycle of accounting and reporting, and help you take a much more active role in the management of overall business performance.

Reporting & Analysis
Produce reports and reporting packs in any number of formats in minutes rather than days or weeks. Report across multiple Cost Centres, Departments, Projects, Events, Venues, Companies etc. Drill down to transaction detail and source documents.

Purchasing & Procurement
Replace manual systems with more efficient procedures for purchasing and supplier management. Provide managers and directors with complete visibility of the cost pipeline. Validate every purchase request and commitment against budget at any level. At the same time, transparent processes and sophisticated approval-routing, guarantee improved governance within a clear, structured, controlled spending policy.

Budgeting & Forecasting
Escape from the laborious process of sending out, collating, and managing multiple spreadsheet models and transferring Actuals, Budgets, and Forecasts between Excel and your finance system. Build and test scenarios with powerful “what-if” modelling capability.