LAKE helps Medasil revolutionise financial and business processes with Infor SunSystems

Surgical equipment manufacturer, Medasil, has implemented a new financial and business software solution from LAKE Financial Systems based on Infor SunSystems. This was a rapid implementation resulting in immediate benefits of improved information flow and faster turnaround for customer orders. SunSystems was chosen for the strength and reputation of its ledger system. LAKE was chosen for the quality and value of their solution.

Medasil is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of medical products. The company is a main supplier to the National Health Service and private hospitals in the U.K. and exports to many countries throughout the world.

Medasil had been using a bespoke system for many years. [Name], Director, outlines the concerns he had:

"It was part bespoke software and part manual system. Though it worked at our current volume of business activity, it was not scalable. Continued support for the software was another area of vulnerability."

A review of leading alternatives led to the selection of Infor SunSystems from LAKE. A rapid implementation ensued to coincide with the start of a new financial year.

[Name] comments on his choice of LAKE:

"I was impressed with the honesty of LAKE’s approach. They listened, provided good advice, then offered a practical and affordable solution...

.. The timescales and budget for this project were incredibly tight. The system was delivered in just five weeks. LAKE has done a phenomenal job. It was delivered on time and on budget. They also did some innovative work in configuring the system...

.. The feedback from the team has been very positive. We involved key members of staff right from the start. Some of them have worked at the company for 25 years. LAKE made them feel comfortable with the process."

Commenting on the benefits that have resulted from Infor SunSystems, [name] adds the following:

"The process hasn’t changed, but the system has. In fact it has revolutionised everything. The savings resulting from improved visibility of costs and improved credit control alone will pay for the system...

.. Our business requires full traceability of items we source and manufacture. Under the old system it might take four weeks to deliver such information. With the new system it is instantaneous...

.. SunSystems doubled the throughput of orders in Despatch within three days of going live. I estimate that we could now handle three to four times the volume we used to process."

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