Why you should invest in Accounts Payable Automation

Blog updated 2nd May 2024 by Paul Barns

Digital transformation remains a hot topic in many organisations, and Accounts Payable is an area that continues to be the focus of significant investment and innovation.

Here are our top five reasons for building AP Automation into your ERP or Financial Management solution (FMS).

Lower Costs
Automation significantly reduces the cost of AP processing.

Less Errors
Manual data entry is slow and prone to error. Automation is faster, more accurate, and prevents common AP risks, such as duplicate payments.

Workflow Efficiencies
Once invoices have been captured accurately, your ERP or FMS will route them for online approval.

Productivity Improvement
Automation frees staff up to focus on other value-add activities.

Real-time Insight
The combination of faster AP processing and our powerful reporting capabilities offers decision makers real-time insight into business performance.

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