Five reasons for investing in barcode scanning

Blog updated on 6th December 2021 by Paul Barns

If you are looking to streamline and automate inventory or production processes, then barcode scanning is an important option to consider. By integrating barcode scanning into your ERP solution you can drive reductions in costs and improvements in your customer experience.

There are many good reasons for considering an investment in scanning. Here are my top five.

1. Human Error

Everybody makes mistakes when keying data, so why not automate and reduce the number of mistakes your team can make?

A mistake in picking items for a customer order, for example, may lead to items being returned. Returns are expensive. If nothing else, mistakes will certainly be a drain on your time.

Mistakes also damage the customer experience, which in turn reduces the likelihood of repeat business and damages your online reputation. If you want to increase the number of positive customer reviews and avoid negative feedback, barcode scanning has a clear part to play in making this happen.

2. Scalability

Another important factor to consider is that barcode scanning systems are more scalable. While transaction volumes are low, discrete picking by a single warehouse operative is fine. But as your business grows, you may need to move to more complex zone or batch methods. In these scenarios, a combination of barcode scanning and ERP ensures a smooth transition and facilitates higher throughput with no loss of data quality.

3. Traceability

Barcode scanning improves the speed and accuracy of record keeping. Traceability makes record keeping more complex and therefore more prone to human error. If traceability is important to your business, then a barcode scanning solution will be key to your future success. If you supply items that need tracking by serial number (or Unique Device Identification number as is required in the Medical sector), the need is even greater.

4. ERP

You invest in ERP to streamline operations, improve visibility and grow your business. You invest in barcode technology for the same reasons. Indeed, barcode systems work best when they are integrated into ERP and inventory management. Barcode scanning systems are a natural extension of your ERP rollout.

5. Security

Automation reduces the risk that items can be lost or stolen. Barcode technology ensures that all scanning operations are time stamped and traceable to individuals. If you are concerned about security, barcode scanning is for you.

Barcode Scanning and SAP Business One

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