Four Ways to Streamline Manufacturing in a Batch Production Environment

Blog updated on 29th February 2024 by Ed Bentley

Batch Production is a method of manufacture where multiple identical units are made simultaneously as part of a single batch, rather than one by one.

During the batch production process, components/ingredients are consumed at the various stages, labour or machine time recorded and finished goods booked into stock.

When goods are booked into stock, it is common for batch numbers to be recorded for traceability purposes.

How SAP Business One can help

Here are some of the ways in which SAP Business One can help streamline manufacturing in a batch production environment:

Capture batch information on receipt from production

  • When goods are booked into stock from production, SAP Business One can be made to enforce batch information to be populated.

BoM management - defined batch/production sizes

  • Manage Bills of Materials or recipes in SAP Business One to be used as the standard when generating production orders.
  • Easily swap components or ingredients when they become obsolete or specifications change.
  • Keep a track of all changes to the BoM, with full history visible for audit purposes.

Production Order management

  • Issue and receipt components and finished stock to ensure accurate stock quantities are maintained.
  • View all stock issued into production for each batch.


  • Batch Management is enabled at item level. Once enabled, the batch code must be entered for every transaction including receipt from production, sales delivery, stock transfer or damage write-off.
  • Trace from ingredient/component to finished product and onward to specific customer(s) with out-the-box traceability reports.

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