What is Beas Manufacturing for SAP Business One?

Blog updated on 1st March 2023 by Harry Procter

Beas ('bay-ass') is the optional manufacturing solution for SAP Business One. It extends the production and resource planning capabilities of SAP in areas such as capacity planning, quality control, and subcontracting. It is the leading solution of its kind and has an installed base of over 1,100 companies in both discrete and process manufacturing. Put simply, if you are a manufacturer in the early stages of a review, you should include Beas in your discussions with your SAP Business One partner.

For an overview of the scope and capability of Beas Manufacturing, please visit the Beas section of our website.

One of the main advantages of using Beas with SAP Business One is that it can automate defined workflows, freeing up time and resources for more important tasks. For example, you may want a certain type of sales order to automatically trigger a series of events, such as creating an invoice, updating inventory levels, and sending a shipping notification. This sort of process automation helps to minimise errors and ensures that processes are carried out consistently and efficiently.

Another advantage is the increased visibility and control Beas delivers over entire business processes. It allows for real-time event monitoring, providing insights into the status of processes and enabling users to make informed decisions. It also provides a centralised location for creating and managing automated processes, making it easier to update and maintain them.

Beas integrates seamlessly with SAP Business One, so if you are an existing SAP Business One user you can build on your existing data and workflows, while taking advantage of powerful new automation capabilities in Beas. This flexible approach helps to reduce the cost associated with implementing the solution, as well as the time and effort required to train users.

Beas is customisable and can be moulded to meet the specific needs of your manufacturing business, allowing you to automate your processes in a way that is tailored to your unique requirements, and helping to maximise the benefits you derive from the solution.

In conclusion, Beas improves decision-making, drives process efficiency, and eliminates errors by ensuring data from across your manufacturing business is accurate, up to date, visible and consistent.

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