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Blog updated on 8th December 2020 by Paul Barns

Deal or no deal, the UK is out of the EU and in a few days' time we will also be out of the single market and customs union too. That will be it. All done. No more uncertainty. No more changes to worry about.

If only that were true! In reality, Brexit is just as likely to be the start of a journey rather than the destination. After all, one of the key demands of the Brexiteers was for the UK to have the freedom to forge its own path with regards to trade, standards and governance. If those demands are realised, divergence is inevitable. The preparations you are making now are unlikely to be the last changes you will need to make.

Flexibility in times of change

Flexibility is frequently quoted as a major advantage of investing in SunSystems or SAP Business One - usually in the context of overcoming limitations experienced with systems that are being replaced. Flexibility to handle change in the future is usually less important. It is, after all, easier to justify investment on the basis of short-term gain. However, with SunSystems and SAP Business One, flexibility to handle change in the future is part of the package. And for those of you making preparations for Brexit that is good news indeed.

Both systems are designed to accommodate business change. They are also particularly adept at handling the international aspects of your business. With SunSystems, for instance, there is flexibility to add new trading entities, apply new rates of VAT, and accommodate regulatory or structural change. SAP Business One version 10 includes a commitment to keep on top of UK requirements now and in to the future.

Talk to us

Please do not suffer in silence. We are here to help. Your implementation may have been in situ for a long time. Perhaps the person that set it up has moved on. In circumstances such as these we can help you better understand the capabilities of your system and help you drive it forward.

You may be concerned about the impact of Brexit on your business. You are not alone. We have been working alongside a number of customers to assist in their Brexit preparations. Contact us now to draw on our experience.

Paul Barns

by Paul Barns

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