Business Continuity During COVID-19

Blog updated on Oct 1st 2020 by Paul Barns

Paradigm Shift

The title of this article may be wrong. The word "during" implies that the situation we face is temporary. And I am not sure that is true any more. The move to home working may actually be permanent, at least for many back office staff. That being so, we are facing a paradigm shift in the way we work. Gone are the days of shuffling paper around the office. Why would you if there is no-one there? It makes me wonder how some companies are coping?

This paradigm shift may be the reason behind changes we are seeing in the marketplace. There is renewed interest in streamlining. There are many example of this but one in particular is a drive to remove all paperwork from Accounts Payable. AP processes are often reliant on people to manually register invoices or correct the output from scanning / OCR technology. And it isn't simply a matter of streamlining data capture, it is also one of workflow. Invoice approval is a lot quicker if it can be automated and dealt with electronically.

Business Continuity

The pandemic has highlighted the need for streamlining, not just for the purpose of cost control, but now for business continuity. Companies that invest in systems to enable home working are adapting to this new reality. Our cloud based phone system, for example, can be plugged in anywhere. You don't need to be in the office. Systems that don't support this kind of mobility may, therefore, be a threat to your business continuity.

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