ERP Mobile Apps. Are they any good?

Blog updated on 27th October 2020 by Harry Procter

It is not uncommon in the IT industry to hear of a new gimmick every so often. Perhaps accompanied by overused expressions such as "game changing" or "revolutionary". But in the example of mobile apps I think the hyperbole may actually be justified.

Mobile is a game changer. There. I've said it. We are all using apps in our private lives. It was only a matter of time before they took over our working lives too. But there are good reasons to welcome it.

Mobile ERP

In the early days (not so long ago) ERP systems would simply push data to be displayed in mobile apps. The communication was one way. This approach is OK for notifications and alerts but it is no good for, say, a salesman who needs to update a customer record, place an order, or check on availability of a stock item.

Happily, that is no longer the case. Over the years, the technology has improved. It has now improved to the level where I can confidently say that mobile apps are changing the face of ERP systems. Apps such as those for SAP Business One, are like having a full ERP system in your hands. Almost. Maintenance and configuration are likely to remain desktop bound. But for most day to day functions a mobile app does the job perfectly.

SAP Business One offers a number of role-specific mobile apps to give users access to whatever they need anywhere, anytime. With SAP Business One you can stay across business performance, view access to online reports and interactive dashboards, helping you to make decisions based on information that is accurate and up to the minute.

But the app is so much more than a reporting tool; it is a portal into your ERP system through which you can create, edit, and view information such as contacts, activities, opportunities, quotations, orders and service calls.

SAP Business One Mobile Apps

Yes, Apps is correct. SAP has published three of them, in fact, with each of these focused on different roles as shown in the overview below.

Speak to your SAP support partner first of all

All the Apps are freely available from your content store (App Store or Play Store as appropriate). However, I recommend that you speak to your SAP support partner first before installing any of these Apps. There are three good reasons for saying this. Firstly, the software needs to be licensed correctly, Secondly, SAP Business One may need to be configured to accept a connection from the mobile App. And, thirdly, there may be training or other setup required. Your support partner will be able to advise you on each of these matters.

SAP Business One

  • The general app
  • Get alerts on events, like deviations from approved prices, customer credit limit issues, or orders that go below targeted profit levels
  • Visualize key information about your business in real time with reports and interactive dashboards
  • Create, edit, or view sales opportunities, quotations, and orders, and handle service call activities
  • Manage contacts and activities, with; all information being synched with SAP Business One and the calendar on your smartphone
  • Monitor inventory levels and get product details, including purchasing and sales prices and photos

SAP Business One Sales

  • Get coverage of the entire sales pipeline and all sales-related documents, including opportunities, quotations, and orders
  • Manage customers and leads
  • Arrange and record daily activities
  • Monitor sales performance using predefined KPIs
  • Check inventory levels and get product details

SAP Business One Service

  • Check assigned service tickets for specific dates
  • View customer addresses on maps and call customers from the app
  • Scan bar codes or QR codes to identify items and get the latest updates
  • Create and view sales orders for service tickets
  • Collect customer signatures and close service tickets
  • Print service ticket summaries with a portable Bluetooth thermal printer
  • Generate and share reports for service tickets
  • View your KPIs on a dashboard

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