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Blog updated on 17th June by Paul Barns

We all know that Inflation is bad for business as rapid changes in the cost of ingredients squeezes margins. In recent times, this problem has been particularly acute for food wholesalers and manufacturers.

But there are things you can do with the help of a smart ERP solution. Here are a few suggestions using SAP Business One as an example.

Automation improves efficiency and drives down costs

SAP Business One is a flexible solution that helps you to redefine and streamline processes. For instance, it will automate the flow of information across your business. SAP Business One is a single integrated solution covering Financial Management, Analytics and Business Intelligence, Sales and Customer Management, Inventory and Distribution​, Purchasing and MRP​, and of course Production and Resource Planning. By removing manual updates, you reduce the scope for mistakes, save valuable time and improve the accuracy and timeliness of reporting.

Leverage powerful forecasting and monitoring capability to plan ahead

MRP in SAP Business One includes powerful analytic capabilities to improve the accuracy of forecasts resulting in the following key benefits:

  • The right level of stock is available when you and your customers need it
  • Less wastage, with tracking and monitoring of expiry dates promoting more efficient use of stock
  • Improved Cash Flow by purchasing Just In Time and not having money tied up in inventory
  • Purchasing from preferred suppliers at agreed prices whilst ensuring consistent quality

Improve sales management and sell more

SAP Business One includes all the tools you need to streamline the entire sales process. For example:

  • Maximise opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling with real-time display of popular, recommended, and complementary products
  • Track all your open quotes and orders, ensuring you stay on top of the game and close as many orders as possible
  • And satisfied customers become repeat customers. After all, it is more profitable to sell to existing customers than it is to acquire new ones.

Better information and analytics result in better decision making

To win in fast-moving markets, you need rapid access to information that enables you to take decisive action. SAP Business One empowers faster, more agile decision-making with dashboards that include pre-built components and KPIs. Drill down to view the detail that lies behind headline figures.

Improve supplier management

Where appropriate this will mean shopping around for better prices and using MRP to streamline and automate purchasing. MRP ensures that you are purchasing from the approved/preferred supplier for each product and helps you plan materials requirements across your business and stock locations. Improved forecasting and automation of manual tasks reduces costs and improves the customer experience.

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by Paul Barns

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