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Blog updated 26th April 2024 by Ed Bentley

The SAP Partner Summit in Madrid has come to a close after two and half days that were packed with exciting updates and inspirational content. There are many takeaways and topics to digest and evaluate, and ultimately translate into action for the benefit of our customers and the business sectors in which we operate.

1. SAP Business One is here to stay

SAP, at the highest level, has confirmed the direction and strategy for SAP Business One with a firm commitment to the product. It is the highest contributor to growth in SAP’s new name customers each year, and it is their flagship offering in the SME space.

Oliver Bahner, Senior Vice President and Head of Midmarket & Ecosystem Success at SAP is emphatic:

"We are making SAP Business One fit for the next decade, investing in essential product qualities… to drive digital transformation and cloud adoption."

The B1 ecosystem feels as buoyant as ever, with strong growth in 2023, and the promise of even more significant investment out into the future.

2. SAP Business One web client is getting stronger

More end-to-end business processes are now available within the web client. This is a brand new interface, build from the ground up with a modern UI for use in the latest browsers, yet delivering the same functionality and power as the desktop client.

And the built in analytics that are provided with the web client are incredibly powerful. These alone give customers a strong reason to begin exploring its capabilities. We look forward to FP2405 to see even more exciting developments!

3. Excitement of Generative AI with SAP Business One

A number of real-world use cases were presented during the keynotes and conversations with Software Solution Provider (SSPs) . As organisations seek greater efficiency and automation of repetitive tasks or look to improve the customer and user experience, GenAI is there to be harnessed, and we are delighted to see that SAP is leading the field with developments in this area.

4. Next chapter

It has been great to represent LAKE and our customers and to share thoughts and ideas with senior people from SAP and our peers in the partner community. Everyone is excited to hear what's in the next chapter, with SAP Business One Version 11 coming soon.

Fun fact - by 2030 nearly 50% of users will be from Generation Z. Collectively, we must ensure our solutions are fit for the digital native user, are mobile-first, and embrace "wearable kit".

5. Great "professional family"

As quoted by Paulo Almeida , we are all part of an extended “professional family”. It has been great to network with other partners and SSPs , share ideas and thoughts, and make plans to drive the SAP Business One solution forward.


We look forward to getting hands on the latest patch FP2405 when it is released; to continuing the conversations we've started with key strategic partners; and to strengthening the new relationships we've just developed in Madrid.

Next on my list is to digest and translate all these learnings into real-world opportunities and benefits for the team at LAKE, and most importantly for our customers.

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