The top 5 benefits of automation in Source-to-Pay

Blog updated on 18th January 2023 by Glenn Cheetham

Automation has a role to play in streamlining every step of the source-to-pay cycle, from identifying needs and finding suppliers to the management of contracts and invoice payment.

The following are our top 5 benefits of automation in Source-to-Pay:

1. Increased efficiency and accuracy

Automation can greatly increase efficiency by replacing repetitive tasks and reducing the need for manual data entry. A good example of this is the automatic extraction of data from supplier invoices that are presented to you in the form of PDF attachments to emails. Replacing manual data entry saves time, reduces the risk of error, and results in a more efficient accounts payable process.

2. Improved visibility

Improved visibility is one of the most common reasons for investing in systems to automate source-to-pay. And visibility takes many forms, for example:

  • Management reporting - typically with the aid of dashboards that deliver timely and relevant information to decision makers
  • Centralisation of information - getting all the information you need in one place rather than in many systems
  • Visibility of process - knowing where you are with, say, a tender process you're running, or a purchase requisition you raised

3. Compliance

Ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations can be challenging, but automation makes it easier. Automation helps ensure that laws, regulations, and industry standards are adhered to. This reduces risk and avoids costly penalties that may arise due to non-compliance. Automation also demonstrates to stakeholders that proper process has been followed.

With Proactis Rego, for example, sourcing events can be templated. Templates ensure that procedures are followed and that everybody involved has visibility of the process. Templates save time, ensure compliance, and prevent colleagues repeating past mistakes.

4. Improved collaboration

Automation also improves collaboration between teams and with external suppliers by providing a centralised platform for communication, data sharing, and activity tracking. This leads to better communication, faster resolution of issues, and improved supplier relationships.

5. Greater control of spend

Some of what we call spend control results from the benefits outlined above. For example, improvements in efficiency reduce the cost of processing transactions. Systems such as Proactis Rego help you control spend in other ways too. With Proactis Rego, purchasing is controlled by workflow rules, and these rules ensure you only pay invoices that represent approved spend. And as you might expect, these approval processes include automation in the form of notifications, alerts and online budget checking.

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by Glenn Cheetham

Blog Contributor.

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