Top 5 benefits of moving to SunSystems Cloud

Blog updated on 18th January 2023 by Jon Isherwood

Cloud computing has been hailed as a revolution in IT. And when you consider the benefits it can bring, it's not surprising that so many organisations have been eager to adopt Cloud as their preferred platform.

Financial Management systems have been at the spearhead of this revolution, transforming the market for these solutions.

The recent launch of SunSystems Cloud is part of that journey. Eagerly anticipated, the new multi-tenant SunSystems Cloud is now on general release and many of you will want to explore the benefits it offers.

SunSystems Cloud builds on the solution's traditional strengths in analytics and reporting to offer you a comprehensive financial management solution that will enable you to innovate faster, embrace digital transformation and simplify compliance.

Here are our top 5 reasons for making the switch to SunSystems Cloud.

1. Lower total cost of ownership

The cost model for SunSystems Cloud is far simpler than a traditional on-premise SunSystems deployment. You do not have to budget for hardware and software costs, IT resources, the various environments and dependencies required to update the software, or license or maintenance costs. A subscription to SunSystems Cloud incorporates all of the above, freeing up both capital and operational funding for you to use elsewhere in your organisation.

2. Focus on what you do best

With SunSystems Cloud, your systems are taken care of and delivered securely to you and your users, leaving you free to focus your energies on running the business.

SunSystems Cloud brings significant time savings compared to on-premise solutions. Time-consuming tasks like maintaining infrastructure, or refreshing test environments, are no longer your organisation's responsibility and are taken care of by the vendor. Time saved can be spent on more strategic activities, helping your organisation to have a competitive edge.

3. Seamless upgrades

With a cloud-based solution, you streamline your IT operations and eliminate the need to manage complex IT Infrastructure, such as applying patches and upgrades and performing regression testing. A subscription to SunSystems Cloud eliminates the need for these costly and disruptive activities and ensures you are benefitting from the most secure and functional software at all times.

4. Greater agility

A well-known strength of SunSystems as a financial management solution is that it can be adapted to meet your changing business requirements. Unlike an on-premise deployment, SunSystems Cloud also scales to match growing activity levels and processing needs, with no need for you to scale your infrastructure to meet demand. SunSystems Cloud is also available to users 24/7, regardless of location.

5. Increased security

Organisations are facing increased complexity around security, post-Covid. It is getting more difficult to ensure systems are secure and there has been an increase in security threats. With SunSystems Cloud you can rely on Infor to handle all these security risks, giving you complete peace of mind that your systems are secure.

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by Jon Isherwood

Blog Contributor.

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