Why is Data Lake an important feature of SunSystems Cloud?

Blog updated on 22nd November 2023 by Jon Isherwood

On premise versions of SunSystems hold all reference and transaction data in Microsoft SQL Server. SQL Server is independent of SunSystems and can, with appropriate permissions, make that data available to other applications without you having to use a SunSystems licence. A common way in which businesses exploit this accessibility of their data is to extract from SQL Server and load into a data warehouse. By doing this they aggregate and link SunSystems data with related data from other systems across the business. This repository is then used by reporting and business intelligence applications such as Infor EPM and Power BI.

At first glance there is a problem with SunSystems Cloud in that it does not have a SQL Server you can connect to and extract data from.

The solution

Your subscription to SunSystems Cloud includes access to Infor OS (Infor Operating Services). Infor OS provides a range of powerful technology services that add tremendous value to your SunSystems deployment. One of these is known as the Infor Data Lake. SunSystems Cloud automatically publishes data to the Data Lake, and it is from this Data Lake that you will extract data for your data warehouse.

Users of Infor EPM (Enterprise Performance Management) also have the option of connecting EPM directly to the Data Lake. With Infor EPM there is no need for an additional intermediate data warehouse.

And, should you want to take things to the next level, the Infor Data Lake can be so much more than simply a way to gain access to SunSystems data; it can become a unified repository for capturing and storing all your enterprise data.

Data Lake and other features of Infor OS will be the subject of future blogs. Suffice it to say, there are a lot of exciting features in Infor OS that help make SunSystems Cloud a compelling proposition.

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by Jon Isherwood

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