Why move your finance system to the Cloud?

Blog updated on 25th January 2022 by Tye Howitt

In today's competitive environment, agility is paramount when it comes to getting ahead and staying ahead in your respective industry. Infor SunSystems Cloud provides this agility via a platform that allows you to respond quickly to challenges and opportunities that may present themselves. SunSystems Cloud leverages Infor's latest Infor OS technologies to improve your financial processes using tailored workflows, alerts, and mobile connectivity.

As we explore the main benefits of making this change, we will consider what opportunities you might see across your operations and how SunSystems Cloud can assist.

Do any of the following strike a chord with you?

1.Innovate faster

When your IT department's resources are focused on maintaining existing infrastructures, they can become stuck in a defensive operational mode. The by-product of this is usually an inability to properly support new initiatives that facilitate change and growth within your organisation.

SunSystems Cloud, however, provides you with the necessary levels of flexibility you need to innovate and take risks. You will be able to capitalise on new business opportunities, in addition to taking advantage of new functionality quicker and more cost effectively than ever before.

This unprecedented level of flexibility enables companies to foster a culture that's more conducive to innovation and growth - not just within IT, but throughout the entire organisation.

2. Simplify compliance

Staying aligned with continuous changes in security and regulations can be complex and expensive, whilst also being compulsory in most cases.

Compliance is an area where cloud-based solutions can be extremely beneficial, allowing user organisations to reduce risk and increase productivity. These cloud-based solutions can push out security and compliance updates automatically as soon as they are available. We saw an example of this in mid-December 2021 when Log4j security vulnerabilities were reported (see NCSC site for more information), causing widespread distress and disruption to IT plans at a challenging time of year. Users of Infor SunSystems Cloud, however, could keep their focus on closing out the year without missing a beat because fixes were applied effortlessly to their SunSystems Cloud environments overnight, putting these organisations well ahead of their competitors.

Capitalising on this opportunity to limit the complexity, cost, and risk of non-compliance is relevant to nearly every business and is particularly beneficial for those that operate across multiple countries.

3. Embrace digital transformation

Digital transformation is as important as ever and is only going in one direction. Give your organisation the ability to react quickly to ever changing industries and markets by removing data silos.

Your organisation's ability to make informed decisions will also be enhanced due to SunSystems Cloud providing you with more accurate and up-to-date information.

SunSystems Cloud delivers all the sophisticated capabilities of the Infor OS technical platform, ensuring ongoing access to new innovations as they arrive.

4. Fuel global growth

SunSystems Cloud will allow your business to set up new business units or to expand existing units rapidly in virtually any region without needing to be physically present in that region, minimising both risk and capital investments.

In addition to this, better outcomes are also guaranteed by allowing new or remote offices to operate seamlessly alongside established business units. This seamless integration makes it easier to analyse performance across the business.

5. Achieve global 24x7 service and business continuity

Downtime almost always guarantees lost revenue, especially in today's economy. If you cannot perform critical financial processes such as issuing invoices due to applications being offline, adverse effects could follow. These effects could be anything from damaged reputation to negative impacts on cash flow. It has become imperative to remain “switched on" around the clock.

SunSystems Cloud is available all day, every day, regardless of location or the device being used. SunSystems Cloud availability is extremely difficult to match when compared to a typical on-premise deployment, due to cloud computing being far more reliable and up to date.

6. Decrease risk, increase collaboration and productivity

For many organisations, emerging markets and remote locations represent the next great business frontier. However, capitalising on these opportunities can be complex and expensive.

To do their jobs better, faster, and more flexibly, workers have turned increasingly to “shadow systems" outside of officially sanctioned core IT applications. Personal mobile devices are used to tap into the company network.

Teams can also use personal file-sharing accounts such as Dropbox and Google Drive to collaborate outside of approved corporate IT environments. These applications aren't necessarily “bad but can expose businesses to avoidable risks such as theft of intellectual property, lost data, even damage to a company's reputation.

With SunSystems Cloud, you can help your employees to do their jobs better, faster, and smarter. The Infor OS technology stack provides a consumer-grade user interface, mobile connectivity, alerts, and configurable workflows to enhance collaboration and productivity. The result: decreased company risk, as employees no longer have to enlist external sources to optimise job performance.

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