Exploration and Generation

With a proven track record across the energy sector in both Oil & Gas and Renewables, SunSystems from LAKE is a low risk choice that is easily integrated with your other business systems.

Powerful Analytics

SunSystems combines unrivalled analysis power with a clean, simple Chart of Accounts. Analyse activity mapped against your own unique key performance indicators such as Cost Centre, Department, Field, Block, AFE and Project without having to manage a long and complicated Account list.

Faster Reporting

Produce reports and reporting packs in any number of formats in minutes rather than days or weeks. Report across multiple companies with drill down to transaction data. Promote self-service via personalised dashboards.

Multi-Currency Management

Manage the International aspects of your business with the unrivalled power and simplicity of SunSystems multi-currency features. Post transactions in any currency using daily or period rates and at period-end revalue foreign exchange books at the click of a button.

Multi-Company and Consolidation

Maintain an unlimited number of companies, each with their own base and reporting currency. Consolidate data from these companies with the minimum of fuss. Allocate costs across multiple companies and manage inter-company postings quickly and easily.

Track complex expense and revenue appropriation for joint ventures.

Project Costing

Report on projects since inception, period or Year to Date from one source. Simplify the set up of new projects and entities. Analyse cash flow by project.

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