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Proactis Marketplace is a managed service that gives users of your Proactis Purchase to Pay solution simple one-click access to rich procurement content based on supplier catalogues, contracts and punch-out links from over 2,000 suppliers.

Marketplace also provides tighter integration between you and approved suppliers by offering electronic transmission of XML orders to participating suppliers and electronic registration of XML invoices.

And Marketplace delivers a familiar shopping experience for users of Proactis Purchase-to-Pay. Buyers search for goods and services using approved hosted catalogues and punch out to approved supplier websites as in the example below:

Catalogue Search

The buyer then selects from the list of goods and services presented to them:

Item Select

All selections are subject to a single "checkout" that pushes chosen items back into Proactis Purchase-to-Pay. Purchase-to-Pay builds as many orders as are needed to source the goods or services that have been selected from the chosen suppliers.


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