New all-in-one Proactis P2P Mobile App

Proactis has consolidated its Approver, Deputy, Receiptor and Expense Capture Apps into a single, easy-to-use, intelligent mobile App. Available from November 2018, customers will roll this out to replace all existing Apps by February 2019.

Customers should note that they will need to be on the latest release of P2P to benefit from the new App.
Please talk to your LAKE Account Manager about updating your P2P system in preparation.

Proactis P2P App


  • Streamline the process of approving and rejecting documents, including purchase orders, requisitions, expense claims, invoices, and more.
  • Review documents in a clear format, make informed decisions with budget checking alerts, operate across multi-company operations, and increase productivity with bulk approvals or rejections.


  • Receipt of products or services from suppliers can be recorded without delay, whether at work sites, at home or wherever the user happens to be.
  • The simple and intuitive interface guides the user to the right order and enables one touch receipt for normal orders as well as easy handling of exceptions like partial receipts.


  • Delegate approval authority to a colleague to keep the business moving while on holiday, traveling abroad, in long meetings, etc.
  • Once the delegation is made, all approval requests are routed to the nominated person until approval tasks are re-assumed by the normal manager.
  • A complete audit trail of all activity is maintained.

Expense Capture

  • Make the job of claiming expenses easy and be sure to capture every item of spend to ease the pressure on your time and your pocket.
  • Capture expense lines and photos of receipts etc on your smartphone as they happen.
  • Submit claim items to the system at any time of day or night, ready for you or a colleague to review and pull into your next claim with one click.


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