D.R. Collin & Son chooses SAP Business One from LAKE

D.R. Collin & Son has selected SAP Business One from LAKE to help streamline financial management and improve group reporting. SAP Business One was chosen for being the best solution for a mid-sized and growing international seafood business. Ryan Mark, Company Secretary, explains:

"We had grown rapidly and acquired several different businesses. Each had their own accounts package and attempts to consolidate on the same software platform led to problems. Our system simply could not cope with the volume of transactions we were pushing through it. The software was crashing regularly and reporting all sorts of anomalies."

Regarding the choice of SAP Business Ones, Ryan continues:

"I had been looking online for the best accounting package for a medium sized business and SAP Business One was the best match to our requirements. The complications in our business, such as multi-company and intrastat reporting, are standard features with SAP software. SAP also provides plenty of capacity to cope with future growth in transaction volumes. And SAP offers scope to extend the system to cater for other aspects of our business, should the need arise."

Having recently gone live with the new system, Ryan Mark comments on the service they have received from LAKE:

"The service has been great. Our LAKE consultant really knows his stuff. He knows the software and knows how to get the best out of it. We have a good working relationship. Help desk support has been good too. They are always on hand and provide rapid resolution of our queries."

DR Collin & Son in their own words

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D. R. Collin & Son supply award winning restaurants around the country and around the world. Fished in local waters, landed in Eyemouth, delivered to your door, we can be proud of the fact we monitor and oversee every stage of our produce.

Established in 1952, D. R. Collin & Son is based in Eyemouth, Berwickshire in the South of Scotland. The town lies 5 miles north of the English border, where the mouth of the river Eye provides a natural harbour.


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