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Simple, secure electronic bank transfers and remittances for Infor SunSystems

B4B provides a link between the payables module within Infor SunSystems and your bank for Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT) or internet banking. B4B is an integrated solution that will streamline and standardise payment processing across your organisation.

B4B increases efficiency, mitigates risk, improves control and increases the visibility over the production of the files required for any bank payments process.

Designed exclusively for Infor SunSystems

  • Natively recognises real time payment information produced from SunSystems payment and collection processing
  • Embedded B4B shortcuts within Infor SunSystems provide a seamless link to access B4B from within the familiar SunSystems User interface
  • Secure synchronisation of Bank details from B4B to Infor SunSystems on a real-time basis, ensuring consistency between reference data
  • Consolidation options allows multiple Infor SunSystems payables to consolidate into a single batch file for transmission to the bank
  • Introduces a standard payment workflow regardless of payment requirement, ensuring consistency and adherence of processes across the organisation
  • Real time integration removes the susceptibility to data entry errors or fraudulent entries
  • Automation reduces manual processing overhead expenses. Introduces a less labour intensive process as data is not required to be rekeyed
  • Custom design the reports to incorporate your company logo and branding
  • Provides a choice of distribution methods: email, fax or print
  • Ability to archive remittances sent and resend remittances at any time
  • Fast implementation & rapid ROI
  • Time saved by automated processing and cost reduction on print and postage

Localamp; international capability

  • B4B supports CHAPS, Faster Payments, SEPA, BACS, International as formats/banks allow
  • Large library of existing formats for domestic and international payments
  • Constant development of new formats
  • Enables set up a global payments operation from a shared service centre or payments factory
  • The most widely used global EFT solution for Infor SunSystems sites worldwide

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