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The following guidance is designed to help UK companies budget for the purchase of Infor SunSystems.

Estimating the cost is a two step process (follow links to find out more):

  1. Select the modules you are likely to need
  2. Estimate the number of users

To get your cost estimate, chat now, call us on 0113 273 7788 or request a call back using the form provided.

SunSystems Modules

Firstly, select the functional areas you are likely to require.

  • Foundation and Accounting
    SunSystems is an integrated ledger. You do not need to buy separate ledger modules.
  • Infor Q&A
    Q&A integrates Microsoft Excel into your finance system. Everyone that buys SunSystems, chooses to buy Q&A.
  • Fixed Asset Register
    Maintain records for an unlimited number of assets.
  • Sales Management
    End-to-end control of any sales cycle, no matter how simple or complicated
  • Purchase Management
    Easy-to-use purchase ordering and requisitioning with authorisation workflow.

Numbers of Users

Your next step is to estimate the number of users you are likely to need.

Please indicate the number of users for each of the following:

  1. Number of users of Foundation and Accounting, Fixed Asset Register and Sales Management.
    These will the maximum number of people logged in at any one time. It is for a concurrent user licence, not named users.
  2. Number of users of Infor Q&A.
    Also the maximum number of concurrent users. Licensed separately to the above.
  3. Number of users of Purchase Management.
    Often much larger number than either of the above. These will be named users and should include everyone that you expect to raise and authorise purchase orders.

Get costs

To get your cost estimate, chat now, call us on 0113 273 7788 or request a call back using the form provided.

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