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"We own and manage 24 award winning holiday parks across the UK. We also have a head office here in Gosforth and a little satellite office in Exeter. We do four main activities. One is sales of holidays - people who want to take a holiday in one of our parks. We also sell lodges and caravans to people that would like to own them. Lodge and caravan owners pay us a rent for their pitch and also we have bars, restaurants, swimming pools, arcades, supermarkets on all of our holiday parks."

"SunSystems we use as our main accounts package. We have lots of other systems that feed into that. We've got a reservation system. We've got a sales ledger and a rent ledger system. We've got an electronic point of sale system, payroll system, that all feed into SunSystems and this is the main engine room of our accounting. One of the biggest advantages that we find with SunSystems, one of the things that's most powerful about it, is the transaction analysis. Because that allows us to put park references, department references, supplier references against all of the transactions that we have in the database which is really powerful when we are trying to slice and dice data across quite a big organisation."

"We use Q&A over SunSystems. We also have datalinks over five separate systems as well that allows us to, within one report, to pull system figures from, say, our sales ledger but also from the accounts package as well which is brilliant in terms of some of the analysis work that we do. The great thing about Q&A is it's really easy to develop the datalinks. Adding an additional system is quite a straightforward task and also it's really straightforward for training people so that new staff can quite quickly get up to speed with report writing which is something they wouldn't be able to do with more complex systems but they can quite easily do it in, particularly in, the Excel version of Q&A."

"I think we always had a really honest and professional relationship with LAKE which is great. I think LAKE have a slightly different approach to most software resellers and advisors. We always feel we have got a relatively close relationship with LAKE. All the projects that LAKE have done - we've worked with LAKE for eleven years now - every project that we've done with LAKE has been substantially delivered to specification on time and to budget. One of the other fantastic things about LAKE is the staff continuity. A lot of the staff that we started to deal with LAKE eleven years ago, we still have a relationship with those staff now which is fantastic for our business that we are not having to keep getting people up to speed every time we want to do a new project."

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