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"We provide leasing funding solutions effectively to SME's. So we have now transacted with now over 60,000 customers and the sorts of equipment that we lease would be things like security equipment, telecoms, IT equipment, software. And in addition to that we have now evolved into the Shire Business Group so we have a number of other funding solutions, a number of other companies that provide anything from invoice factoring to recoveries, to insurance and professional loans."

"We have been using SunSystems since 2004. What attracted us to it was the use of the analysis codes and dimensions. We pretty much use a full suite of those. We incorporate things like our proposal number on our leases, we build in things like the equipment category and the sales person, sales area and we track all of that. And what we also did was we built interfaces between our Leasman front end proposal system, which catches all the leases at the front end, as well as also our back end own book portfolio which manages all our own portfolio of leases."

"Initially when we first put SunSystems in we put Infor Q&A over Sun alone and at that point in time for a period of years we ran just the reporting just from Sun. In 2009 we invited LAKE back in to develop the Serducts on over our other two systems, Leasman and Sentinel. And what that allowed us to do then was to build a complete reporting suite across all the systems. That now means we can provide information whether it be board packs, whether it be KPI's, management information or information out to our funders."

"I think SunSystems is a very reliable system. We've had it in place now since 2004. It has served us extremely well and is very robust."

"Well we've been working with LAKE now for about eleven years. And right from the start when we did the project to put SunSystems in and build Q&A over the top of SunSystems we worked very closely with the implementer at that time and got the design exactly how we wanted and I think that has shown in how long we have now been using the system. And it is still very fit for purpose. And then since that, whether we've had upgrades or whether we've done Serduct development or any changes that we've needed to make along that way we've always been well supported. So, yes, we are very happy with the service that we get."

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