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St Catherine's Hospice selects new charity finance system based on Infor SunSystems from LAKE

St Catherine's Hospice has selected Infor SunSystems from LAKE to improve financial reporting. Infor SunSystems was chosen for being a more flexible and robust solution to the reporting needs of the charity in the years ahead.

Cathy Heard, Finance Director, outlines the reasons for investing in a new finance system:

"We are currently using Sage 200 and it lacks flexibility to deliver the reports that this organisation needs. To overcome these limitations, I have had to design models based on pivot tables in Microsoft Excel. This system is both complex and fragile. Complex, in that it relies on a combination of complicated spreadsheets and an inflexible system for analysis coding in Sage. And fragile, as there is only one person that can maintain the system to ensure accuracy of our reports."

Experience of SunSystems supported by LAKE, was an important factor in the selection of a new system. Cathy Heard explains:

"I have implemented a number of general ledger systems in the past and have seen most of those that are in widespread use. SunSystems stands out for its reporting flexibility and ease of use. I had a really good experience of using it in a previous role. It is the right system for our type and size of organisation.

"I particularly like Q&A for SunSystems. Its drill-down and analytic capabilities are impressive. And you don’t have to be highly skilled in Excel to use it. With Q&A for SunSystems, budget holders can easily drill down and explore their monthly reports to better understand what lies behind the headline figures."

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St Catherine's Hospice provides end of life care and support to terminally ill people and their families across East Surrey and Mid Sussex.

To learn more, please visit the St Catherine's website.

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