Keep track of your corporate investment portfolio with Infor SunSystemsKeep track of your corporate investment portfolio with Infor SunSystems

You will often hear us say that SunSystems is ideally suited to organisations with complex and dynamic reporting needs. This is particularly true for charitable trusts. Organisations such as these often hold a range of investments, which may be property, cash on deposit, or investment products such as equities, bonds, or investment trusts. The level of these holdings and their values change frequently with additions, disposals, and transfers as well as movements in markets.

SunSystems is tailor made for this kind of environment. It does not constrain you in terms of transaction types, analysis, Chart of Accounts structure, and so on. This flexibility allows you to implement the system you need, rather than forcing you to work in a particular way.

SunSystems tracks investments in the same way as it tracks funds in foreign currency. It can maintain a record of the current holding of each investment, its book value and current market value. Changes in holdings due to sales and purchases can be recorded along with realised gains and losses. And automated revaluations calculate and account for unrealised gains or losses at the touch of a button.

SunSystems also allows the creation of any number of rates of VAT, along with rules that sit in the background to ensure that rates are applied correctly. For example, spend on investments may be outside the scope of VAT or exempt, while invoices for third party fees may include VAT at the standard rate, but this may only be partially recoverable on your VAT return.

And should you wish to classify investments for the purpose of reporting, SunSystems allows the creation of analysis dimensions for this purpose. Once again, rules can be established to ensure the correct analysis dimensions are applied.

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by Glenn Cheetham

Blog updated 14th May 2024

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