What's coming in the April 2024 release of SunSystems Cloud?

Blog updated on 14th March 2024 by Adrian Howard

Infor SunSystems Cloud is widely recognised to be one of the world's most powerful and flexible cloud-based Financial Management solutions.

And the good news is - it's about to get even better!

Infor introduces enhancements to SunSystems Cloud in two major releases each year: April and October.

The April 2024 release, which is now just a few weeks away, introduces five key improvements.

  1. Online Dashboards
  2. Q&A for Excel Online
  3. Recurring Invoicing
  4. Infor EPM Cloud integration
  5. Additional Languages

Let's explore each of these in turn.

Online Dashboards

Your subscription to SunSystems Cloud includes a powerful technology platform called Infor OS which introduces a host of exciting new capabilities into the world of SunSystems, including Workflow, Document Management, and the Data Lake. Another of these new Infor OS capabilities is the ability to design and deploy role-based workspaces, dashboards, and in-context analytics.

The April 2024 release makes it easier for SunSystems Cloud users to leverage this analytics capability and to design dashboard widgets based on SunSystems data, sourced either directly through SunSystems APIs or through queries against the Data Lake. These dashboard widgets can then be deployed into the user's Smart Panel alongside their SunSystems operational forms and screens to display in-context analytics, or they can be deployed to users role-based Workspaces across the business, regardless of user numbers.

In summary, this a really powerful and impressive new feature which is provided and may be leveraged by anyone within your business with no additional subscription fees.

Q&A for Excel Online

As a SunSystems Cloud user, you will no doubt already have a deep connection with Q&A, which runs as a plug-in to your Excel client, bringing powerful reporting and analysis capabilities to your fingertips.

The April 2024 release includes availability of a new optional facility called Q&A for Excel Online. This allows you to roll a light version of Q&A out to users within your organisation who don't need or want the full SunSystems Cloud and Q&A Cloud experience. Perhaps they are managers who need to track income and expenditure against budget for their projects, or their products, or their segments of the business.

For a small additional per user per annum subscription Q&A for Excel Online gives these users access to Q&A content with all the expands, breakouts and drills they need.

Recurring Invoicing

Recurring Invoicing is a long-established module of SunSystems that is used by many of our clients with on-premise deployments of SunSystems 6 to streamline and automate repeat billing of customer contracts and to help account for prepaid income. It is used widely in sectors such as property, media and Not for Profit, especially the care sector, where it saves time and helps to ensure completeness and accuracy of billing to optimise cash flow.

The April 2024 release sees these powerful features of Recurring Invoicing introduced to SunSystems Cloud - again without any increase to the subscription you pay.

If you have customers for whom you raise repeat or recurring invoices this is a new feature of SunSystems Cloud that you will certainly want to explore.

Infor EPM Cloud Integration

Infor EPM Cloud is an innovative cloud-based enterprise performance management platform that delivers the clearest possible view of past, present and future performance to support your decision-making process and help drive business performance. For more information about Infor EPM, please visit https://www.lake.co.uk/infor/depm/

Infor EPM Cloud has always been tightly integrated with earlier versions of SunSystems. The upcoming April 2024 release of SunSystems Cloud now offers the same levels of integration with SunSystems in its cloud context by allowing access to SunSystems data that is flowing into the Infor Data Lake that underpins SunSystems Cloud.

Additional languages

Since its initial release at the end of 2022, SunSystems Cloud has previously only been available in English.

The April 2024 release adds French, Spanish, and Chinese (Simplified). Any one or more of these language packs can be added to your SunSystems Cloud tenant and then configured user by user - again without any increase in the subscription you pay.

In conclusion, it's great to see so many new facilities and so much value being added to the SunSystems Cloud solution, and most of them are freely available with no increase in your subscription charges. If you are interested in any of the above, please get in touch with me or your Customer Success Manager. We will be pleased to answer your questions and help you explore the opportunities further.

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by Adrian Howard

General Manager

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