How can Analytics make your business more sustainable?

Blog updated on 2nd October 2020 by Fraser Dunlop

Working in the world of ever evolving ERP software always amazes me. Every few months we seem to have a new requirement or a 'buzz word' on the lips of companies we're engaging with. And there are two in particular that have grown in prominence and are now regarded as crucial to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Analytics and Sustainability

The words analytics and sustainability may not be used in conjunction with each other often or even thought about by the same team within your business, however, they are both equally important in the business and natural environment today.

Analytics and reporting are the backbone of any business trying to drive growth, understand their market and customers, and outwit their competitors. We live in a world where businesses and employees demand information (not data) at the click of a button.

Modern ERP software, such as SAP Business One, is the digital heart of a business, delivering real-time, accurate and reliable analytics, reporting and KPIs.

As we become more aware of our impact on the planet companies and individuals are all implementing initiatives to be more environmentally friendly.

How can we use SAP Business One to drive sustainability?

There are a number of ways that SAP Business One can help your business become more sustainable.

One way it can do this is to report on CO2 emissions per all product sales. Armed with this information you can then offset these emissions.

Another way that it can help is by reducing waste and cost in manufacturing and distribution. SAP Business One can be used to capture the primary and secondary plastics, paper and cardboard consumption rates for each component or finished product. Linking this information to Bill of Materials can help you be more proactive in aligning output to your progressive sustainability plans.

With SAP Business One, information can be delivered with confidence through sustainability reports, during environmental audits, or presented to key stakeholders through interactive dashboards. With this level of visibility, your business will not just become more sustainable but it will also be more efficient, agile and profitable.

SAP - net zero emissions by 2025

At LAKE, we are proud of our partnership with SAP, whose purpose is to help the world run better and improve people's lives. This is the guiding principle behind its business strategy, which is aimed at creating a sustainable future for SAP, its customers, and society. For SAP, it is crucial to be a responsible business that intelligently strives to balance people, planet, and profit.

You can read more about SAP's impressive sustainability plans here: SAP to go carbon neutral by 2025

And to find out how we can help you measure and improve the sustainability of your business, please contact us using the chat window at the foot of this page or call now on 0113 273 7788.

Fraser Dunlop

by Fraser Dunlop

ERP specialist and blog contributor.

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