Top 3 Reasons to Switch from Small Business Accounting Software to SAP Business One

Blog updated on 10th March 2021 by Paul Barns

Outgrown Sage 50, Xero, QuickBooks or similar?

Most of our SAP Business One customers are former users of small business accounting systems such as Sage 50, Xero, Intuit QuickBooks and others. Their reasons for moving away from these systems are many and various. But principal amongst them is a feeling that their business had outgrown them.

Do any of the following strike a chord with you?

1. Small Business Accounting Software is not ERP

Your company has been using small business accounting software for years and it works fine, up to a point. But what about the rest of your company? What about Sales? Purchasing? Inventory? And what about your Production and Resource Planning?

And each time you want to add these features, your supplier either can't help you or says "You'll need another module... and you'll have to pay for it... and we may have to do some work to integrate it with your accounts system."

If your company needs something more than just an accounting system, you should consider moving to a built-for-purpose ERP solution.

2. Poor Integration

One consequence of all those spreadsheets and systems you use to run your business is they don't talk to each other. You spend too long manually collating data in Excel. And to make matters worse, small business accounting software lacks flexibility to provide the level of detailed information you need to run your business.

3. It is not scalable

Your small business system was really good when all you needed was basic accounting. These days things are not so simple. Your company is bigger... there are more people... they may work remotely, in new locations. Perhaps your company trades internationally?

Companies are looking for systems that support long term plans for business growth. A phrase we often hear is "robust". They are looking for a more robust system, where performance does not degrade as the number of users and transactions grows.

About SAP Business One

SAP Business One is a comprehensive business management solution for growing companies just like yours. It provides everything you need... at a price you can afford.

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