Purchase-to-Pay and Source-to-Contract

Are you looking for purchase management software to extend and improve your finance system? Proactis is a comprehensive solution to all your purchase-to-pay and procurement needs.

LAKE solutions based on Proactis offer more in terms of ease of use, market leadership, breadth of the solution and superior service.


Proactis solutions reduce corporate spend by automating and streamlining the entire day-to-day buying process, from request through authorisation, ordering, invoice processing, and payment via Accounts Payable.

Proactis solutions ensure that more of your organisation's purchases can be channelled towards the best suppliers and prices that deliver significant savings. The new Marketplace option delivers simple one-click access to rich procurement content based on approved catalogues, contracts and punch-out links from over 2,000 suppliers.


Proactis Purchase-to-Pay helps you manage the complete buying cycle from expression of need to approval of payment.

It simplifies purchasing while ensuring compliance with sourcing, authorisation, and financial controls.

Proactis delivers:

  • Fast, intuitive purchase request and authorisation
  • Authorisation controls ensure pre-approval for purchases
  • Supplier website punch-out capability ensures proper controls while enabling easy online purchases
  • Invoice matching, troubleshooting and authorisation workflow ensure all invoices are reconciled to the originator and that only proper invoices are paid
  • PCard statement processing efficiently handles 'in the field' purchases from established suppliers while providing flexible exception alerts
  • A comprehensive electronic repository of all outstanding purchase requests, POs, and non-PO invoices provides complete visibility of cost commitments; dashboard graphics make information clear 'at a glance'
  • Automated budget-checking alerts managers when purchase requests could take expenditures over budget
  • A combination of automatic and required purchase and invoice coding based on pre-established rules eliminates virtually all account coding mistakes
  • Automated cost allocation rules handle even complex situations

Accounts Payable

LAKE accounts payable automation solutions improve the efficiency and accuracy of handling inbound documents. This includes workflow to streamline data capture, invoice registration, matching and approval, and delivering a more efficient method of document storage and a simpler means of retrieval.

Automatically capture images and extract, process and retrieve data from paper or electronic documents to speed up the processing of supplier invoices.

Use the latest intelligent OCR technology to extract and process data, significantly reducing the cost of processing invoices and other incoming business documents.

  • Reduce transaction costs for all parties
  • Streamline workflow for coding and matching of invoices
  • Simplify discrepancy and resolution management
  • Support shared service or decentralised business models


Employees at all levels need to buy goods and services. In many organisations, submitting expense claims is a manual effort involving a mixture of paper forms, emails and spreadsheets. The process is slow; it lacks controls and provides poor visibility for all concerned.

Proactis Expenses helps you improve control of purchase claims. Employees will readily embrace it as the easiest way to expedite a reclaim of monies spent while following the established policies and procedures.

  • "Claim-as-you-spend" expense entry system allows either multiple claims per accounting period, or cumulative claims
  • Automatic allocation of receipt numbers facilitates filing and retrieval of source documents
  • Designated account codes minimise the possibility of fraudulent claims
  • Claimant authorisation updates via email ensure employees have constant knowledge of claim status
  • One-click authorisation to forward claim for either payment or return to claimant with comments
  • Flexible rules and authorisation methods for all types of business models
  • Email alerts integrate tasks into daily activity for both staff and managers
  • Instant management reports deliver clear analysis of spend by employee/department/expense


Proactis procurement solutions provide a framework of sourcing, contract, catalogue, and supplier management capabilities that enable you to leverage your organisation’s full buying power, gain best value agreements, and maximise the percentage of “spend under management” across all categories of spend.

Supplier Engagement

Good suppliers are an important asset to any organisation and are crucial to facilitating what an organisation does. Each supplier represents a relationship that needs to be nurtured with a risk profile that needs to be managed.

Collecting and maintaining accurate, up-to-date information is crucial to maintaining a clear picture of current and potential suppliers, while ongoing two-way communication is vital for relationships.

Proactis Supplier Management allows organisations to be more proactive in how they collaborate with suppliers to achieve best value and compliance. Proactis offers a range of solutions to help control, manage and streamline the supplier engagement process.

  • Improve visibility of spend
  • Control supplier recruitment and evaluation
  • Eliminate inefficient administration effort
  • Monitor supplier performance and risk
  • Reduce internal costs for managing catalogues
  • Exploit savings from electronic commerce

eSourcing & eTenders

For organisations looking to drive best value, a clear definition of product and service requirements and the right choice of supplier are critical. This applies to all types of Spend, whether it's for one-off capital purchases, project related items, or ongoing supply of particular goods or services.

The process of sourcing goods and services and evaluating suppliers against requirements can be complex and time consuming. Furthermore, and it is often necessary to prove compliance and show that a fair and methodical approach has been taken.

Proactis eSourcing helps procurement departments to improve the effectiveness and transparency of the sourcing process while dramatically reducing administration time and effort. It combines the sophistication required to handle the most complex tendering project with a simple, intuitive user experience that guides even occasional users through the correct process.

The solution provides a flexible, collaborative and efficient method for electronically developing and publishing all types of requests to suppliers such as simple RFQs, framework agreements, reverse auctions and complex Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) tenders. It enables a structured, transparent and easily tracked process, from expression of need, through acceptance and evaluation of suppler responses, to final contract award.

  • Streamline the sourcing lifecycle
  • Improve results with decision support tools
  • Enable collaborative scoring and judging of events
  • Automate supplier communications with secure supplier self-service
  • Eliminate errors and risk
  • Ensure audit and compliance

Contract Management

Purchasing professionals work hard to identify the best suppliers and negotiate best value agreements. These contracts lock in terms for use by the organisation.

When colleagues spend "off contract", perhaps because contracts are not available or apparent, advantages are lost. Furthermore, organisations will be at risk if contracts expire or if either party fails to comply with contract provisions.

Proactis Contract Management solves these challenges with a central electronic repository. This enables organisations to realise full benefits from supplier contracts, providing clear visibility to all users and allowing Contract Managers to manage key dates, events and service level agreements (SLAs).

Contract Management helps purchasing departments increase the proportion of spend "under management" and "on contract". With Proactis, organisations will realise savings achieved during procurement negotiations and increase compliance by having contracts drive day-to-day operations

  • Single repository of supplier contracts
  • Eliminate labour intensive processes
  • Monitor and analyse contract events and SLAs
  • Manage obligations and policy compliance

Ease of Use

User adoption has added importance for finance teams rolling out systems across their organisation. Purchasing or procurement systems that are easier to use help smooth the transition to a new way of working.

Look and feel is one of the commonest reasons for selecting Proactis solutions from LAKE. The following comments are typical:

"There were three main reasons for selecting Proactis. Firstly, from the user point of view, we liked the look and feel - how easy it is to use and navigate around. Secondly, from a Finance point of view, we really liked the reporting. The dashboard facility was particularly impressive. And, lastly, it is widely used by other organisations running SunSystems." North Devon Homes

"Our reasons for selecting Proactis were, firstly, it gave us more in terms of reporting and, secondly, Proactis has a more user-friendly design. It seems far easier for people to look at and use." College of West Anglia

Market Leadership

Proactis is consistently rated highly by leading international consultancies ( see CapGemini and Gartner announcements in our news section) and is acknowledged for its market leadership in the UK Public Sector.

UK based Proactis Group is main sponsor and keynote speaker at eWorld Purchasing & Supply.

Proactis software is trusted by 1,000 enterprises and over 2 million suppliers.

Comprehensive Solution

Proactis offers users of SunSystems a comprehensive range of options and modules unmatched by rival systems. In addition to features you might expect such as reporting via Infor Q A and dashboards, real-time budget checking and workflow management, there are options for document scanning, purchase card management, sales invoicing and inventory and more.

The range of Proactis solutions spans Purchase-to-Pay, Expenses, Accounts Payable Automation, Contract Management, eSourcing / eTendering and Supplier Engagement.

Superior Service

  • Winner of the Proactis award for Customer Service Excellence in every year that the award was given
  • Leading channel partner in the EMEA region
  • UK Master Distributor for Proactis in support of Infor SunSystems customers

"LAKE has made an outstanding contribution to the success of PROACTIS. I believe this is the result of consistently excellent customer service. LAKE’s expertise and value-added integration and reporting tools are a valuable asset in PROACTIS’ technology leadership strategy to PROACTIS Infor SunSystems clients." Rod Jones, CEO at PROACTIS Group

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