Proactis Roadmap for 2017 and beyond

Starting in the first quarter of 2017 there will be important new releases of the Proactis Spend Control and eProcurement platform. These new releases deliver some exciting enhancements including usability, reporting, technology and eCommerce.

Enhanced User Interface

Proactis 2017 User Interface
  • Streamlined navigation
    A new menu locates all system navigation at the top of the screen
  • Crisp new screen design
    Screens have been made even more intuitive through the use of softer colours, larger fonts, and increased use of icons, appropriately sized buttons and more white space
  • Intuitive interaction
    Many of the commonly used screen actions such as notifications, alert and dialogs are implemented using industry standard controls. Information, such as search results, presented in grid form will also allow column filtering, column sorting and reordering wherever appropriate
  • Consistent look and feel across all applications
    The new user interface is being applied across all modules of Proactis Purchase-to-Pay and Proactis Portal

Enhanced Reporting

Proactis 2017 Enhanced Reporting
  • Fully web-based
    Report creation, management and execution are now fully web-based. That means no client software is required, reports can be accessed from anywhere, and has the same familiar user interface throughout the Proactis suite
  • Report scheduling and email delivery
    Reports in your inbox when you need them. Reports can be scheduled to run automatically on particular days or times, then delivered via email to anyone you choose
  • Easy report creation and customisation
    Develop reports quickly and easily. Tailor reports to meet the needs of multiple users and situations. Drag and drop fields; customise report headers, footers and page breaks; add fonts, logos, conditional formatting and more
  • Access to data throughout the Proactis suite
    Incorporate data from datasets associated with any Proactis application operating on the same domain. You can even include data from external applications. Just 'join' multiple datasets and treat them as one
  • Consistent reporting across all applications
    Enjoy the same new Proactis reporting solution across all Proactis applications

Technology Upgrade

Proactis 2017 Technology Upgrade
  • Standardised technology foundation
    With this upgrade all applications are now based on a .NET technology base
  • Improved performance
    When dealing with large orders or invoices, response times will be faster. When producing large reports, run-times will be shorter
  • Simplified system administration
    Beginning now, the tools you use to manage Proactis P2P will be incrementally replaced with simpler web-based tools. In time, all Proactis Management Console capabilities will be replaced
  • No functional impact on end users
    These enhancements require no special end user training. Users will just be able to do things more easily and quickly

Proactis Marketplace

  • Access to a world of suppliers
    The Proactis Marketplace is a managed eCommerce site that acts as a single point of access to shared supplier catalogues, contracts and punch-out connections with over 2,000 suppliers
  • Configurable to the supplier contracts you want to use
    Select any or all suppliers. Take advantage of a multitude of supplier content. Easily apply your own terms and core lists to reflect your individual contracts and requirements
  • Flexible Proactis P2P connection options
    Configure Marketplace to connect to P2P in one of two ways:
    1) Have the search facility in P2P include Marketplace content in search results
    2) Configure Marketplace as a punch-out website where users can pass shopping carts of selected items back to P2P for approval


More Agile Upgrade Process

  • Quarterly software updates
    Once this release has been rolled out across all Proactis modules, future software updates will be released on a quarterly basis
  • Managed update process for LAKE Cloud customers
    LAKE Cloud is a managed service where we take care of all the hardware, software and database management activities associated with your LAKE solutions

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