Top Six Reasons for Upgrading to Version 9.3 of SAP Business One

With each new version of the software, SAP Business One becomes more streamlined, efficient and intuitive system.

SAP Business One Version 9.3 is now available on general release. It includes a wealth of new features and time saving processes.

The following are our top 6 reasons for recommending version 9.3 to you.

GDPR and Making Tax Digital

Version 9.3 includes significant enhancements with regard to GDPR. It is also the version of SAP Business One that is compatible with Making Tax Digital for VAT.

Centralised CRM Module

SAP have introduced a new CRM module, bringing together the functionality previously held under disparate modules. From one central hub you can plan campaigns, assign activities to your business partners, create and track your sales opportunities and produce pipeline reports.

Production Routing

Greater control over items in the production process is now possible with the addition of production routing. Items can now be set to process through a defined sequence of production stages. Multiple routing stages are added to the BOM or production order, resulting more accurate estimations of production times and internal capacities.

Project Management

Find all your project details nicely summarised in the new project overview window. Gantt chart creation has been added at the click of the mouse and the new billing wizard makes collecting open marketing documents tied to a project simple! New timesheet reporting provides an easy way to display the time spent on each project.

Import from Excel

SAP Business One has taken a big step forward with its core integration of Microsoft Excel. You can now import journal entries and opening balances directly from Excel. A new ‘Import from Excel' button has been added to the journal entry window, allowing individual and batches of journal entries to be added with ease.

The Pick, Pack & Production Manager

New fields in the open, released and picked draws within the pick, pack and production manager now makes it usable as a production management console. Tied with the new production routing, production control has never been easier in SAP Business One.

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