How much does SAP Business One Cost?

The following guidance is designed to help UK companies budget for implementing SAP Business One and help clarify some of the decisions you will need to make.

Estimating the cost is a two step process (follow links to find out more):

  1. Estimate the number of users
  2. Outline project scope

As you may know, SAP Business One offers cloud and on-premise deployment options. Our cost estimates include both options.

To get your cost estimate, chat now, call us on 0113 273 7788 or request a call back using the form provided.

SAP Software Cost

There are two types of user:

  • Professional - access to all areas of the system (subject to user permissions)
  • Limited - "limited" by functional area (Finance, CRM or Logistics)

As you might expect, Professional users costs more than Limited.

In most cases, Business One is all the software that you will need. Occasionally, the project scope requires the inclusion of specialist modules. A brief discussion of project scope will soon determine whether this is necessary.

In addition to software costs, you should factor in the cost of software support. Annual support entitles you to help desk support and free software upgrades. In the case of on-premise deployment, annual support is charged as a percentage of the current price of your software. With Cloud deployment, annual support is included in the service charge.

SAP Consultancy & Training Services

The amount of implementation services you will need is strongly influenced by the project scope.

One aspect of scope relates to the functional areas you want to deploy:

  • Ledgers (required)
  • Sales
  • Purchasing
  • Warehouse Management
  • Production

Another important aspect of project scope relates to third party systems you wish to integrate with. For example, integration with the Magento e-commerce platform or integration with a weighbridge system.

There are two types of project: one is comprehensive and tailored to your business, the other is based on Made Simple for SAP Business One. The choice is yours.

To discuss the project scope, chat now, call us on 0113 273 7788 or request a call back using the form provided.

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