TRAKRAP Testimonial
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"TrakRap is not your normal sort of business. We are introducing a completely new, revolutionary concept in the packing industry. TrakRap equipment, it wraps just about every kind of product that's out there to be wrapped. We've not discovered anything that can't be."

"We're manufacturers of equipment and the technology we use is state of the art. But really what we are offering at the end of the day is something brand new for the retailers and manufacturers which will save money, reduce costs, and environmentally it ticks so many boxes."

"We've actually got quite a complicated business model where people buy the film off us and they are paying for the use of the machine. So it's quite a complicated process that we have in place."

"All our equipment, all our machines are made here within Lancashire in the UK. With the technology that we use we can really design things shelf-ready to reduce down merchandising time in store but also to make sure that the presentation of packs on shelf is second to none."

"It has become pretty clear over the last three or four years that we are not going to be able to grow and continue to run the business on spreadsheets. And so really what we wanted was we wanted something that enabled us to support that growth and that complex kind of business processes that we have."

"We went through a process of looking at what was on the market and we selected SAP Business One. We really picked it because it was an enterprise wide integrated system that was going to be able to support our growth aspirations and support our quite complicated business process that we have."

"There's a real credibility that comes from SAP in terms of its installed user base and the breadth of people that have got it and use it and I think having SAP and running SAP Business One puts you in a community of people and says something about the level of professionalism and everything about how you want to use to run your business."

"Times are exciting looking ahead, the expansion that we are going to go through. But it won't happen on its own. And just being able to produce good quality equipment that produces great packs at the end of the day isn't enough. We had to challenge ourselves to look at all of our people and our systems and our infrastructure to make sure that we were going to be able to deal with that expansion."

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