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Not for Profit & Charities

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The role of finance is evolving. Organisations are looking to finance to provide greater decision support and performance management. In too many cases, finance systems struggle to produce basic reports - much less, compelling analysis.

The combination of SunSystems charity accounts software and LAKE's focus on the not-for-profit sector helps deliver solutions to these kinds of challenges.

LAKE is a Corporate Partner for the Charity Finance Group (CFG), exhibitor at the annual CFG conference and sponsor of CFG events.

Charity Accounts

Streamline the production of reports to management and other key stakeholders
Produce reports and reporting packs in any number of formats in minutes rather than days or weeks. Create reports across multiple companies with drill down to transaction detail.

Quickly analyse performance by Key Performance Indicators of your choosing
The market leading charity analysis in SunSystems enables organisations to quickly assess activity by combinations of Fund, Project, Cost Centre, Property, Donor etc

Track movements in every fund, distinguishing between restricted and unrestricted funds
SunSystems enables you to account for any number of funds, track incoming resources and show how those funds have been used down to the last penny.

Automate the Billing Process
Automate repeat invoicing for service user contracts. Charge multiple funding parties at different rates, across different time periods, with automated accrual and prepayment of income at period end.

Improved integration with third-party applications
Powerful integration tools mean that SunSystems will integrate seamlessly with your Donation, Membership, Ticketing, Banking and Payroll systems.

Spend Control

Streamline Purchasing and Increase Funds for Frontline Services
Replace time-consuming manual systems for ordering with an easier to use, more efficient system of electronic purchasing. Keep spend within budget and account for every single penny of non-pay spend.

Streamline document management
Improve the efficiency and accuracy of handling inbound documents. Streamline data capture, invoice registration, matching and approval, delivering a more efficient method of document storage and a simpler means of retrieval.