LSL logo

LSL Property Services
Sector: Property
Solution: Infor SunSystems and Proactis Purchase-to-Pay

"We've worked with LAKE for many years, and their track record is unmatched. Their technical knowledge and problem-solving skills are second to none."

Mood Foods (Ombar) logo

Mood Foods
Sector: Food Manufacturing
Solution: SAP Business One

"With LAKE and SAP Business One we know we have the right foundation to really grow and achieve these big aims that we have."

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Presbyterian Church of Wales
Sector: Charity
Solution: Infor SunSystems

"LAKE Support has always been great. They are super-efficient."

Tinplate logo

Tinplate Products Ltd
Sector: Manufacturing
Solution: SAP Business One

"Our experience of working with Ed and the team has confirmed that we made the right choice. They have put time and dedication into the project. It seems that whatever I want out of SAP Business One, LAKE delivers it. We are very, very grateful to have LAKE looking after us."

York College logo

York College
Sector: Education
Solution: Proactis Purchase-to-Pay and Infor SunSystems

"The project has been a great success. Feedback from users around college has been really positive. Everyone has benefitted from the implementation. So, it wasn't forced upon them, it was very much a transformation journey for the entire organisation, not just for Finance."

Holyrood logo

Holyrood Distillery
Sector: Manufacturing
Solution: SAP Business One

"We chose LAKE because they came to us with the right attitude. They matched our energy and matched what we wanted to do with SAP within our business."

RHA logo

RHA Wales
Sector: Social Housing
Solution: Proactis Purchase-to-Pay and Infor SunSystems

"Our experience of working with LAKE gave us the confidence that they could deliver everything we needed. It was their willingness and ability to integrate the solution with our QL Housing Management systems that was most important."

NBS logo

Nottingham Building Society
Sector: Financial Services
Solution: Proactis Purchase-to-Pay

"It was never about the solution alone, but the right combination of solution, integration, and people delivering it. That was critical to us and successfully delivering the project on time and within budget, validates our decision to go with Proactis and LAKE."

Greenlink logo

Sector: Energy Distribution
Solution: Infor SunSystems, Proactis, and Infor EPM

"I have worked with LAKE on a number of previous system upgrades, including for complex projects. They have delivered to expectation and readily understand the challenges associated with upgrading a system in an intense operational environment. A number of the team working on the Greenlink project delivered successfully on previous projects I have been associated with. I think of them as a trusted partner."

XL Precision logo

Xl Precision Technologies
Sector: Manufacturing
Solution: SAP Business One

"LAKE are really, really good, and very helpful. They are always there to answer our questions and they are very, very knowledgeable. They overcame a lot of the issues we had with our old system and have highlighted opportunities and addressed issues we hadn't even considered."

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