iXBRL Review & Tag

The iXBRL review and tag solution for SunSystems helps you quickly create an iXBRL file from Word or Excel originals.

With no prior knowledge of iXBRL you can convert accounts quickly and easily using an intuitive, drag and drop interface.

  • Simple to use - Select tags from a hierarchical list of possible tags, drag it across to the accounts and drop it onto the appropriate paragraph, word, number or date. Tags can be nested to correctly code complex accounts.
  • Comprehensive - Supports published taxonomies, including extensions for banking, insurance, charities and more.
  • Clear - Items that have already been tagged are highlighted in the accounts with a corresponding tick in the taxonomy pane to show that the tag has been used. Hover over any highlighted item in the accounts to reveal the tag that has been applied, or select Show Tags to display the names of all tags within the body of the accounts.
  • Flexible - Produces a standard iXBRL accounts file that can be filed online using CCH Corporation Tax or a third-party system, including HMRC’s own free product.
  • Powerful - Handles complex concepts such as Dimensions, Tuples and Contexts.
  • Reliable - The Exception pane lists key tags that are missing or incorrect – for example, a period end date not set. Full text searching within the tag list and the accounts makes it easy to correct errors.
  • Verified - The Verify iXBRL function checks the technical validity of tags and how they have been applied within the file to reduce the possibility of filing errors.
  • Adaptable - Display either the full list of tags within a taxonomy or HMRC’s ‘minimum tagging list’, thus simplifying tagging during the transition period.
  • Secure - Tags are applied to an iXBRL format file which is created from a Word or Excel file, leaving source files unchanged.

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