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Purchasing professionals work hard to identify the best suppliers and negotiate best value agreements. These contracts lock in terms for use by the organisation.

When colleagues spend "off contract", perhaps because contracts are not available or apparent, advantages are lost. Furthermore, organisations will be at risk if contracts expire or if either party fails to comply with contract provisions.

Proactis Contract Management solves these challenges with a central electronic repository. This enables organisations to realise full benefits from supplier contracts, providing clear visibility to all users and allowing Contract Managers to manage key dates, events and service level agreements (SLAs).

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Increase Spend Under Management

Contract Management helps purchasing departments increase the proportion of spend "under management" and "on contract". With Proactis, organisations will realise savings achieved during procurement negotiations and increase compliance by having contracts drive day-to-day operations

  • Single repository of supplier contracts
  • Eliminate labour intensive processes
  • Monitor and analyse contract events and SLAs
  • Manage obligations and policy compliance

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Webinar On Demand:
Supplier Relationship and Contract Management

Learn how Proactis Procurement software helps organisations maximise spend under management and improve the management of supplier risk.


  • Simplify onboarding of suppliers
  • Locate all supplier information in one place – goods, services, certifications, specialities, locations and contacts
  • Streamline communication with suppliers
  • Monitor supplier performance and risk
  • Manage all contracts in a single electronic repository
  • Schedule and monitor key events such as contract review and renewal dates and compliance checks
  • Automatically collect purchase and delivery activity for analysis of supplier performance and buyer commitments

Format: Includes live software demonstration
Duration: 60 minutes.

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